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Monday, December 14, 2009

Don't Jump Off any Bridges

Word is slowly (ok, spreading like wild fire), that the Phillies are getting Roy Halladay. Before anyone and everyone goes and kills Omar for not going and getting Halladay, realize the Mets didn't have anyone the equivalent to C Lee to trade to get him. 2nd off, does this make that big of a difference for the Phillies? At max, they get 1-2 wins better than last year. Cliff Lee is an all-star pitcher, so they traded an all star pitcher for an all star pitcher. If they had gotten Roy without giving up Lee, than they would have the best top 3 pitching rotations in baseball. BUT, as strong as Halladay and Hamels is as a 1-2 punch, they still have holes in their rotation 3-5 (and don't tell me Blanton, Moyer, Happ etc are reliable). So don't jump off any bridges Mets fans, and please urge Omar not to make a "splash" by signing Joel Pineiro and/or Jason Marquis. Stick by your plan, (IF Omar has one), and don't worry about the back pages of the local newspapers.


  1. Maybe Omar can cut a deal like this with Luis Castillo..."Instead of picking up Bobby Bonilla's $5.9 million salary for the 2000 season they agreed to pay him $1,193,248.20 each July 1st from 2011 to 2035."

  2. I love how it still always goes back to Luis Castillo. he is not our biggest problem...

  3. The Phillies will be a top contender again. I'm not too worried about Castillo going into this year. Other blogs wanted guys like Adam Kennedy, but in reality his fielding percentage was worst, at 2B, than Castillo's last year and it's difficult to argue against Luis' offensive output last year.

    Some questions for you are:
    What do you expect out of Fernando Martinez this year?
    Do you believe we'll carry three catchers this year?
    Would you offer Sheets a second year to bring his asking price down?
    Chien-Ming Wang - ground ball pitcher in Citi Field?
    Do you give Bay more per year, add a fifth year to get him, or abstain all together?

  4. Will Delgado be the starting first baseman this year?

  5. Just realize that the longer the Mets wait to sign someone, the more agents will know how desperate Omar gets (see Oliver Perez signed 3 yr/ $36 million). I agree you don't want to panic over these signings, but at some point Omar has to do something to improve this team or the Mets are headed toward another 72 wins this year.

  6. Regarding your comments on Castillo, just think of his glovework in the 9th inning versus the Bronx Bombers.

  7. Adam, thanks for reading the blog. Since you want a job in the front office, what should the Mets do?

    Steve Sax. no comment.

    Delgado will not be the starting 1st baseman for the Mets next year. I think once he proves he's healthy in winter ball, that someone will give him a full time job, and the Mets don't seem to do that.

    DCB, great comments, and I will address each of your questions in a new post.

    Thanks guys for the comments.