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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Rest of the Mets off-season

During the beginning of the off-season, I was operating that the Mets had a 20 million dollars to spend this off-season. Since then, Buster Olney has said he believes its closer to 24-30 million.

Now that the Mets have spent 15 million on J Bay, the Mets have a max of 10 million dollars to spend. I'm still advocating that the Mets need to sign Ben Sheets as he is the only pitcher that still has an upside of the #2 pitcher that the Mets desperately need. Sheets is scheduled to throw a bullpen in the upcoming weeks, and then we will see how his market develops and hopefully his price drops from the 12 million currently being rumored.

But instead, the Mets will prob sign B Molina to a 2 year contract although no one else is going to offer him 2 years, for close to 12 million. Why I still don't understand, but maybe it's just to show "the Mets are spending money." That doesn't mean it's spent wisely...


  1. At least the Mets got Bay. Fills a power spot in the lineup. I agree his defense is adequate and will make the average major league play. That's fine with me. He will give some protection for Wright and Beltran as well.

    I still want to see some pitching though. The Mets need arms. But Bay is a good start. He has proven he can handle the big market (Boston) and has averaged good numbers over the last few years. I do fear Anthony is right though--Molina comes in and there is a spring training competition for the 4th and 5th starter spot and some clown we never heard of sneaks in, pitches well for a month, then comes back to earth...

    Mets still need to battle...

  2. The Mets have the skeleton of a champion. Santana/K-Rod at the front and back. Reyes at the top of the order. Bay-Beltran-Wright in the heart of the order. Last year the skeleton crumbled, but one should be excited heading into the season. I have been a proponent of signing Sheets for quite some time. Let's get it done Omar. I will be interesting to see how the rest of the team sets up. If the focus going into the season is to do your job and not compensate for others or "do too much" I think the individual players can be successful.

  3. Beltran-Wright-Bay does look pretty good. Lineup should be pretty nice for your Metropolitans. Prob did overpay for him tho. Sheets as a #2 tho? That's a stretch...even for you. Come on!

  4. Did this blog end with 2009?

  5. Sheets isn't a number 2 pitcher? really?

    He's a 4 time all-star and has a career 3.71 era. and over the past 5 years his highest era has been 3.82, and a WHIP of 1.20. He is a high strikeout and low walk pitcher. Thats a pretty simple sign of a good pitcher.

    I will take that from a # 2 starter any day of the week.