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Friday, December 11, 2009

JJ Putz

Just signed with the Chicago White Sox. 1 year 3 million, with incentives to make it 6.25 million. I don't know if he had any interest in coming back to the Mets, but for that cost he's a bargain.


  1. But did the Mets want to keep him or would he just have been a reminder of "last year" this year? No big loss there, especially if Parnell goes back to the pen and is the 8th inning guy

    quote of the day "you gotta wanna BATTLE!!!

  2. If the Mets can't get past "last year" because they kept a bullpen guy, then that means issues are a lot deeper than any blog or anything can cure.

    The Mets do need to BATTLE

    In regards to Parnell, he needs to add another show pitch if he wants to be a dominant 8th inning guy.

  3. Fair point on Parnell. But he is young, has the arm and mentality to be an 8th inning guy. He should be working on a new pitch. Winter ball, 12 thousand pitching coaches, etc.

    Mets have deep issues? HMM...and you know Met fans don't get over things...well at least some don't

    Wait, I know why Putz isn't bad...Adam Rubin's fault...