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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mets collecting Catchers

I will try to keep rumor discussions to a minimum, because most of them are fruitless. But I felt the need to discuss the latest rumors have the Mets linked not only to Chris Coste (the deal hasn't been made official yet), Henry Blanco, and also Bengie Molina. UM...WHY? What is Omar's fascination with 3 catchers? There is no reason for a major league roster to have 3 average catchers. I have no problem with signing Coste/Blanco to help mentor Josh Thole, but if you sign those 2, you have no room/reason to sign Bengie Molina to a 6 million dollar contract. This is besides the fact that Omar and Jerry both have an infatuation with Omir Santos. But the most important thing is that none of these guys are difference makers. If you have limited money to spend this off-season (and although no one knows the exact number, they obviously has a budget), then why spend 2 million on Alex Cora, and other millions of dollars to secure league average catchers, when minimum salary players could fill the same role as effectively? I can justify if we were getting Joe Mauer that we need to pay 5+ million for a starting catcher(or in Mauer's case 15 million), but Bengie Molina is not the answer. The Giants realize this and didn't offer him arbitration for fear he would accept it. I hope Omar wasn't giddy because he won't have to lose a 2nd round draft pick because of that (although maybe he'd rather lose the draft pick so they wouldn't have to pay him, which is the root of the mets current position, but that is a whole different discussion for another day). Hope everyone is enjoying the 60 degree weather in the northeast today (feels like april). I will try to get the pitchers outlook tonight or tomorrow. And keep the comments coming! - Anthony


  1. Not happy at all with anything they are doing, very frustrating, they are such a mock of a franchise

  2. SI Sportsman Of The YearDecember 4, 2009 at 12:13 AM

    What do you think of Omar taking a look at my teammate Matsui's physical results?

  3. If Matsui winds up signing with the Mets, I will post one final blog, and officially resign from my long tenure as a Mets fan.

    The guy is a marginal DH who got hot in October (small sample size, even Jeff Francoeur can look good for a couple weeks), and he can no longer play the field. So how he fits on the Mets/any National League team is beyond me. So unless the Mets have 6-8 million laying around to pay a glorified pinch hitter, Matsui has no business being discussed.