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Monday, December 21, 2009

Jason Marquis

Update: Jason Marquis has signed with the Washington Nationals, 2 year 15 million according to Buster Olney. He was originally looking for anyone with a pulse to give him a 3 year deal, but the market never shaped up, and he's probably smart to sign now.

I don't see a whole lot of chance for Marquis to outperform that contract, so I'm not going to beat up Omar for not signing him. As I've discussed previously, he's a 4th/5th starter.

Remaining free agent starting pitchers of interest: J Piniero, B Sheets, C Wang, E Bedard, with the last 2 pitchers not being ready to start the season due to surgery.


  1. I'm thinking of signing a minor league contract with the Mess. Do you think that's a good idea Anthony?

  2. RA Dickey, thanks for reading the blog.

    If I were you, I'd say why not sign with the "Mess". With all the injuries/uncertainties involving the pitching staff, you may have a chance to pitch for the big club this year. And plus, we don't have any knuckleballers, so why not. Although you prob will be disappointed with the crowds/team in Buffalo.

    Good luck making your decision. And if Omar offers you a major league contract, please do me a favor and decline it, for the sake of my sanity.