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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Harden and the pitching market

So much for the plan of Harden signing with the Mets, it seems like I had the money right (7.5 million), be didn't know of his (or make that any pitcher's) burning desire to pitch for the Texas Rangers. The only positive is that now maybe the Rangers won't sign Sheets as well, or maybe that the Rangers are reading my blog and realize it would be smart to sign both of those guys as high upside/low downside risk (1 year deals). Now the remaining free agent pitchers are Lackey (very expensive), Pinerio (can't understand how he is a 12-14 million a year pitcher), Bedard (has no interest in pitching, and would get eaten up in NY) and Sheets. Trade options would be Doc Halladay and Derek Lowe. At least the Mets didn't give Lowe the 60 million he wanted last year; Ollie's contract actually looks decent compared to the 45 million Lowe is still owed.


  1. I hope you're kidding about DLowe. A proven 15 game winner compared to a nut job who each season we gain less and less confidence in.

    How about picking up Mr. Personality Ryan Church? You could get your favorite player back. The Braves saw enough to convince them to release him.


  2. Proven 15 game winner? he's won 15 games exactly 4 times in this career. Add to it he's 36 years old, has 3 more years left on his contract and 45 million still owed to him. Add to the fact he allowed more than 1.5 base runners per inning last year.

    Ollie Perez is only owed 24 million, or close to half of Lowe. That is the reason it is a worse contract and why the Braves are trying to unload it and willing to pay part of the contract.

    Church's OBP 338 vs Frenchy's 309. If Frenchy was still on the Braves, he would've been non-tendered just as Church was. Church isn't a star, but neither is Francoeur.

  3. Dear Keith Law,

    So if Frenchy hits 20 homers, drives in 105 and bats .280 with a .309 OBP next year I guess you'd say it's a bad year? Yes, if everyone on the team has a .309 OBP we have a big team flaw, but if one productive member (we'll see) has a .309 OBP we can be happy with it.

    I'll take 15 mill a year and 13-16 wins a year instead of 12 mill a year and a complete unknown.

    Cotmetal out

  4. How do we all feel about Daniel Murphy? His recent haircut was a little short?