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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mets off-season Wish List

For all intents and purposes, I'm going forward with the fact that the Mets had 20 million to spend this off season, of which they've used 3 million on Coste, Cora and Henry Blanco. So the remaining 17 million should be spent on...? I am going on the premise that Matt Holiday will sign 5 year $90 million deal, and out of the Mets price range. If the Mets have 30 million to spend, than this would change my thinking, but no one truly knows how much the mets have to spend. Since J Bay turned down a 4 year 60 million dollar deal with the Red Sox, he obviously expects more than that and he also doesn't fit into the Mets plans. John Lackey is looking for a 5 year 80 million dollar deal, so 16 million per year would be the only other Mets signing this off-season, and as we've seen during our recap, the Mets need more than just one impact player. 1) Sign Ben Sheets, 1 year 8 million, with an option for the 2nd year. 2) Sign Rich Harden to a 1 year 8 million deal, with a 10-12 million option if he reaches 180+ innings. 3) Sign Julio Franco or Marlon Anderson. Oh wait we've tried this and it didn't work? never mind then. so the new revamped rotation would be. 1) Johan 2) B Sheets 3) R Harden 4) M Pelfrey 5) O Perez/J Maine/Neise that would allow the Mets the luxury if they so desire to trade Maine for a clone of Jeff Francoeur, aka, Corey Hart, who puts up decent counting numbers because he gets 650 at bats, but they aren't quality at bats. Obviously I would rather keep Maine for pitching depth since the 2 free agent starting pitchers are both injury risks. And with that starting 5, I would put the Mets rotation up against any other rotation in the National League. And it has the depth to allow extra rest for Sheets and Harden knowing they can't go past the 180-200 innings mark without breaking down. Yes the line up would be weaker than I'd like, but with that starting rotation you have a chance to win a low scoring game/series. Catcher is adequate with Blanco/Coste/Santos/Thole, give D Murphy the season to sink or swim, Castillo is fine at 2nd, Wright and Reyes, then F-mart/Reed, Beltran and Frenchy round out the outfield. I've seen better, but we work with what we've got.


  1. What about Marquis? Could they get him for 2 yr/$15 million? 3 yr/$22 mill?

    Still leaves them flexibility to sign another starter/righty bat at 1st.

  2. Jason Marquis now has his own blog post all for himself