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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Scouting Report, Roy Halladay

Roy Halladay = Very, very good.
The End.

You want more of a scouting report than that? Ok, ok. I'll let you know why he will be earning 20 million dollars a year for the next three years.

He is a workhorse, pitching over 220 innings each of the last four years. He strikes out > 7.5 K/9, and walks < 1.5 W/9, for a K/W ratio over 5 the past two years, one of the best in the major leagues (this year it's over 11). He doesn't allow home runs (< 1 HR/9), and his highest WHIP since 2005 was 1.24. He is a ground-ball pitcher and attacks the hitters with strikes, making it difficult to run up his pitch count. Easily leads baseball in complete games over the past 5 years.

His stuff: nasty. Throws 92-94 mph fastball, a filthy 91-92 mph cutter, a plus curve-ball that he throws around 78 mph, and mixes in an 83-84 mph change-up. He uses his fastball or cutter 70% of the time, and the curve or change the remaining 30%.

This year he had rolled off four outstanding starts in a row, and people were wondering if he could win 30 games. Well, he showed his was human last start versus the Giants, allowing 5 runs and 10 hits in 7 innings. But even after that subpar outing, his ERA stands at a stout 1.80, and his WHIP is .98. He's one of the top three pitchers in the game, and will be getting his first taste of a rivalry.

Mike Pelfrey's scoreless innings streak stands at 24 innings, and he may need to exit the game with that streak still intact if the Mets want to beat Doc Halladay. For Big Pelf's scouting report, click here: Pelfrey. Let's hope he continues to improve his split-finger fastball.


  1. Whoa let's not compare "gas can" pelrey to halladay. I wouldn't even put his name in the same article let alone paragraph as the big roy.

    -phils fan

  2. Thanks for the comment, but I was not comparing mike pelfrey to roy halladay. The purpose was to analyze the mets chances in that particular game