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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Game 25 Short Recap

End of 4, Mets down 11-5. Johan sucked. Mets can't be taken seriously if we don't have Johan. Very depressing outing/series. Let's hope the Mets battle now...

The Mets didn't battle, and after the Phillies scored 8 runs in the 4th with no one on and 2 outs, the game was over. Final score 11-5. Tough game to swallow, as you would think 5 runs is enough to get Santana a victory.

Mets are out of first place (it was good while it lasted), and the roller coaster ride continues. The Mets (14-11) open up a three-game series tonight at Cincinnati, and here are the pitching match-ups: Monday, Oliver Perez vs RHP Mike Leake. Tuesday: John Maine vs RHP Bronson Arroyo. Wednesday: Jon Niese vs RHP Johnny Cueto.

Let's hope the Mets can get back on their feet, facing a Reds team that is trying to get to, and above, .500 (currently 12-13, 5 games back of St. Louis)


  1. how long will Gary Matthews last on this team...June 1st?

  2. Unfortunately, the Mets won't part ways with GMJ until Carlos Beltran comes back, and when that will be, no one knows. The Mets don't have confidence that any one else can play centerfield in Citi Field besides Pagan and GMJ, so they can't get rid of GMJ just yet.

    And I'm not sold they will get rid of GMJ even after Beltran comes back. I definitely would, he should've never been on the team in my opinion, but we will wait and see what the Mets do.