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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


At the beginning of the off-season, we were under the assumption that the Mets had approximately 20 million to spend this off-season. And under those assumptions, I had been calling to not sign Jason Bay or Matt Holliday, as they would take up too much of that 20 million dollar pie, and that this team had too many holes to fill. Instead, I recommended signing Ben Sheets and Rich Harden for between 14-16 million (actual costs would've been 16.5), and then use the remaining couple million for complimentary players to fill the other holes.

But the Mets showed they did have money to spend by overpaying for Alex Cora (because they like his attitude), then guaranteeing a contract to K Escobar (when no one else appears to have been willing to do that), then bidding against themselves for Jason Bay, leaving them without enough money to adequately address their desperate need for starting pitching. Jon Garland signed with the Padres, who will be lucky to win 75 games this year, for 5.3 million. And it is being reported the Mets didn't make an offer.

I completely understand that every one has a budget, every small business in the world up to every major league team, including the Mets, Red Sox and Yankees. But I just hope the Mets (Omar and the rest of the front office) knew how much they could spend from the beginning of the off-season and developed the plan accordingly, because right now, they have pie all over their face.

and FYI Omar, John Smoltz is not the answer to our starting pitching woes.

At least Johan didn't have surgery after his mound session yesterday, well at least it hasn't been reported yet.

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