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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Joel Piniero

Word on the street is the Mets think they can get Piniero for 2 years, 15 million dollars, which is a pretty low risk move. I'd still rather have Ben Sheets, but if Ben thinks he can get a 1 year deal for 12 million, and a player option for the 2nd year, let someone else give it to him, and wish them luck.

My 1st preference is still sign Sheets to a 1-2 year deal for 7-10 million/per year, but if that isn't possible, then Piniero for 2/15 is a decent fall back. It won't vault the Mets into a debate with the Phillies for best team in the division, but the Mets would be a respectable team, capable of winning 86-89 games. I think Sheets would put them into the 88-91 win territory.


  1. Joel Pinero can throw strikes and can get people out so I would be fine with that. The Mets need arms. Joel Pinero, John Garland, Ben Sheets, whatever. We just have to hope they get enough 2nd tier guys who perform. If they perform, the Mets are ok. If they don't, poeple will be losing jobs and the boos will be heard for miles...

  2. Let's be honest...the whole season hinges on the health of Reyes and the production of Bay. If Bay suffers a power outage similar to 2009 DWright because of the spacious confines of Citi Field we won't be able to compete - regardless who is taking the mound.

  3. Thanks for the post in regards to the Mets offense being more important, but I beg to differ.

    If the pitching staff can keep the Mets in games, the offense can find a way to win. If our starters are only lasting 5 innings and letting up 4 runs, that is not a recipe for success (and the Mets don't have that much fire power to win too many 6-5 games). But if our pitchers are going 6+ innings and allowing 2-3 runs, our winning % is a lot higher.