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Friday, January 29, 2010

Baseball Prospectus Projected Standings

Yesterday Baseball Prospectus released their preliminary projected baseball standings, and there was a collection groan/"oh ----" heard coming from the NY area. The Mets were projected for 77 wins, just one win better than the last place Marlins.

I had been saying this was an 84-86 win team with it's current players, so maybe I'm a little bit optimistic, although the readers would definitely disagree with that.

These standings do change on almost a daily basis as spring training is underway, as it becomes clear the different platoons/playing time battles are settled, or if the Mets ever sign a free agent pitcher.

Here are the current division winners: TB Rays (Yankees in 3rd with 93 wins), Minnesota, Oakland, Philadelphia, St. Louis, LA Dodgers. Wild Card winners: Boston and a tie between Atlanta and Arizona.

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  1. I can't stand the Yankees, but TB to win the division? The Yanks are loaded. Their 4 starts was 4th in the NL cy young last year. But this is about the Mets--we will see. A lot of "what ifs" for the Mets right now.

    And can somebody pleaes get Omar away from long public speaking new conferences or hot stove stuff? The more he talks, the more I think the Mets are being run by circus clowns...he gies a perception that they make choices by playing rock papter scissor...

  2. They have now updated the standings and admitted they made a mistake in computing it. It made a huge difference and the Mets are now projected to win...78 games!!!

    and the AL East is a tie at 93 wins between Yankees and Red Sox, and Rays at 92...