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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ben Sheets audition

According to tweets from Trenni Kusnierek from MLB Network, Ben Sheets topped out at 91 mph, and had a good curveball which ranged from high 60s-low 70s. He appears in great shape and it's the only the 4th time he's thrown off a mound.

Mets were one of the teams represented, and hopefully some teams will be concerned with his appeared lack of velocity (which really isn't a concern, it's the middle of January and he will continue to get stronger), which will allow the mets to come away with a top 2 starter, but obviously he is a higher injury risk.

get 'er done Omar.


  1. Just a little aside on Sheets who's now signed with the A's (I think), he actually named his son, "Seaver" in honor of our alltime Met hero.

  2. Welcome Alan to the blog and thanks for the little tidbit. He wanted to name is 2nd kid Palmer after the great Orioles lefty, but his wife didn't let him.

    Just another reason why the Mets should've gotten him!