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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Beltran fall out

And the same b.s. from the Mets continues.

Last year was obviously a medical disaster, and I'm not going to blame the athletic training staff, or the team MDs for the myriad of injuries. I chalk it up to bad luck. We can't dismiss that this happened however.

Now, instead of going to "The Best Doctors in the City and the World" (and I believe it, but saying it in quotations because people will/do joke about it), the Mets players are going to other specialists.

If the Mets players (starting with Beltran and we have to see if anyone else goes outside to get other opinions), do not have confidence in the team physicians, then the Mets need to make a change.

Let's see if the 2 pm conference call (done by John Ricci, not Omar thank goodness), sheds any additional light on this situation.

Also, I seem to remember someone clammering to give Beltran "whatever contract extension he wants, because he deserves it." Anyone willing to still do that now?


  1. Here we go again, the saga continues...

  2. Is it a bad sign when your guys are hurt and out before the superbowl? You think he is sticking it to the Mets? It is not secret that he was not happy with how he was handled last year. He is clearly telling the Mets to go pound sand. He doesn't trust them. Not sure I blame him. I know this though--they need him in CF and they need him in the middle of the order. Let's hope he comes back healthy...he needs to BATTLE

  3. Beltran can "take it to the Mets" all he wants, although I think him/Boras isn't that dumb. If he really thinks someone is going to give him another multi-year deal, the most likely team to do that is the Mets. If they are pissed and don't trust him, he has zero chance of an extension/new deal.

    Let's just hope this is the only procedure he needs/time he will miss for the rest of his tenure with the Mets.

  4. You get worried about the term "microfracture" that keeps getting thrown around. Of course, you can never believe everything you hear because nobody really knows the truth. If/when he gets healthy, he will show up and play--they always do....especially near the end of a big contract. He hits .300 + and knocks 30 out and drives in 100 and he will be cheered...but he has to get healthy first and this knee injury is going on a year....he will find a way to battle

  5. I understand you expect him to continue to produce at the same level, but you need to worry about chronic and worsening osteoarthritis in a centerfielder of a large outfield, esp when you have a defensive liability in left field. He is on the downside of his career just based on age, and the injuries will just accelerate the process.

    I do like Beltran as a player, and enjoy watching/rooting for him as much as anyone else. But we just need to be smart and not extend his contract just because he was good for us for so many years. Thats my main concern.