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Friday, January 15, 2010

The perception of the Mets

So as we get further away from the originiating "tweets" of impending doom, to the official press release, to the initial reaction that the Mets didn't know he was having the surgery, the Mets once again look like they are a lost puppy without a united system of communication.

The facts are now that Carlos Beltran and/or Scott Boras, spoke with Jeff Wilpon and Ray Rameriz (Mets head ATC), as well as Dr. David Altchek on Tuesday. I understand the Mets point of view that although Dr. Altchek is the team physician, he is not a part of the Mets organization and should not be the only person of contact, but as its being reported now, that was not the case, as Jeff Wilpon (COO) and the head ATC were both contacted. If they did not communicate with Omar then it's another sign of disorganization, not Carlos' problem.

So then it gets out that the Mets aren't happy with the situation and the media takes off with it and runs to the hills. The Mets have no sense or ability of damage control. Even if they wanted to have Beltran get a 3rd opinion, they could've crafted that in a lot more positive light.

Even a positive of having John Ricco doing the press conference, who is a more polished public speaker than Minaya, gets negative press because the Mets say Omar and Jeff Wilpon are unavailable because they are driving. Do they not have cell phones? Verizon is a sponser, why don't they donate them cell phones? Just announce John Ricco will be handling the press conferences this year. Simple. Don't make excuses, Mets.

We can handle losing Carlos Beltran the player for April and possibly May, but I hope we don't lose his personality/desire for the rest of the year over how the Mets handled this situation.

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