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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

San Fran Giants bloggers re: to Molina

Some people wanted to know why I was happy that the Mets didn't sign Molina. Rather than write a sarcastic post, I will send you to a fictional press conference introducing Bengie Molina to the San Fran media with the Giants GM Brian Sabean (who is in the contest for bottom 5 GMs in baseball with Omar and D Moore of the Royals).




  1. I am fine with Molina staying in SF. I can live with Santos / Coste / Tolle. Mets go with the old "3 headed" catcher concept. Of course I would kill for Piazza to be back, but dreams are dreams. They do need another bat though. Bay is a good add, but another bat would be nice (Why do I feel like it will be Delgado?). And of course, don't these catchers need somebody to catch? Sheets at 91 with a plus curve? Sign him up. He can get people out. If Livan can throw 85 and Pedro can throw 85 (I know he is Pedro, but still) then Sheets at 91 should be no issue.

    And totally off topic, but what a clown Jose Offerman is. He deserves to be banned.

    Mets need to battle...

  2. Jose Offerman without a doubt should be banned from baseball, but probably should be banned from society.

    Are the Red Sox still paying Offerman?