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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Another baseball standing projection

I know it's the end of January and projected standings mean nothing, but since I posted Baseball Prospectus standings earlier in the week, I figured I would post the other projection system that is available right now. He gives his methodology and how he played the season 1000 times etc.

He has the Mets at 82 wins, which is a lot more realistic than the 78 Baseball Prospectus currently has the Mets at, and just 2 games off my projection of 84-86 wins with the current Mets roster.

Hopefully we are all wrong and the Mets will magically jump up to the 90 win mark some how (anyone have the smoke and mirrors that worked for the '86 Mets, or the PEDs that worked for the 2000 Mets)?

1 comment:

  1. That was something "SPECIAL" they were smoking in 86 and something white on the mirros...but in the days of drug testing the mets need to worry about what they are taking for their OLD AGE..