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Friday, January 22, 2010

Gary Matthews Jr.

meet the newest member of the NY Mets. 35 year old outfielder who had 1 good year and was subsequently linked to PEDs. Has battled injuries and actually is a worse contract than Luis Castillo.

I'm assuming this is not the only move the Mets are making, so I will withhold judgment until other pieces fall into place.

Rumors are swirling it could be a stepping stone to a trade with the Reds and the names being floated of B Phillips, B Arroyo or A Harang potentially being involved. Again, these are all rumors, no facts.

I have no idea why the Mets would want to take on Arroyo's or Harang's contracts as they are both due over 10 million next year and are both average to slightly above average (and Harang had shoulder issues last year, surprise surprise, another pitcher under Dusty Baker's watch with shoulder problems...)

If you are going to spend 10 million, spend it on Ben Sheets who is definitely an above average to all-star caliber pitcher.

UPDATE: It is now being reported the Angels will pay 21.5 out of the remaining 23.5 million, so Gary Matthews is going to be a 4th/5th outfielder for the Mets making around 1 million a year. Mets gave up Brian Stokes from the bullpen.  Matthews used to be regarded as a great defensive centerfielder, but that has steadily dropped over the past 4 years, and now he isn't even an average fielder.

New updated opinion: Shoulder shrug. This isn't going to make a difference for the better over the course of the season, but gives the mets some outfield depth, and traded a bullpen arm which we needed. The Japanese import, Ryota Igarashi, better be able to set right in and be a valuable part of the bullpen, or else this could be another bad move by Omar. But again, it's not going to be a season-altering trade most likely.


  1. Brian Stokes had a heart of gold. He might have been my favorite player on Mets teams that were frequently tough to root for. He battled like a lion and always challenged with his mid 90s fastball no matter the opponent. His jersey will be hung from the rafters of my heart. Some may call my reaction to Brian 'Lion-Heart' Stokes an over-reaction, I call it a subtle tribute to an athlete that transcended his fellow middle-relief staff peers. You will be missed BS.

  2. Matthews Jr--whatever. He can hold the fort until Beltran gets back. For 1 million or so, who cares. It doesn't make the Mets better or worse. It add a little bench depth, but I like Anthony's idea of trade bait. We will see what the Mets do.

  3. I hope you keep wearing your Brian Stokes jersey with pride Cotmetal.