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Saturday, January 30, 2010

C M Wang

Some fans on another site want the Mets to sign C M Wang, and says he could potentially be the #2 starter the Mets need.

When has Wang shown that he is capable of being a #2 starter? If you ignore his win totals (as a result of a very, very good Yankee offense, not a direct measure of his performance), and his pitching stats do not look like a #2 starter. He doesn’t miss bats and pitches to the defense, has only made 24 starts in the past 2 years combined, and only broke 200 innings once in his career (another year he was 199).

His FIP (fielding independent pitching ERA)                          
2006 3.91,                                                                              
2007 3.79,                                                                           
2008 3.74 (15 starts)                                                         
2009 5.38 (9 starts)                                                             
Career 3.99                                                                                            

Compare that to a true #2 starter, Ben Sheets
2006 2.43
2007 4.11
2008 3.38  
Career 3.56

Erik Bedard Career FIP 3.66, with only 1 of the past 5 years above 3.60

J Vasquez (just as a comparison)
2006 3.86
2007 3.80
2008 3.74
2009 2.77

I do advocate taking a chance on signing Wang, but to think he would be our #2 is a stretch (Javy will be the Yankees #4 starter). I wouldn't mind Wang as a #4/5, but don't expect him to be a huge contributor, but more as an insurance policy if Ollie or Big Pelf or Maine get hurt/sh*t the bed.


  1. The Mets should sign the Wanger

  2. Why not on CM Wang? Big park, sinker ball pitcher. If he is healthy, could be a steal. Let's put it this way--it can't hurt. Won't cost much either. They are bringing in all these old pitcher to "compete" for spots so why not this guy too? I know he would have to be a guaranteed contract and not a spring training invitee, but still, why not.

  3. This is what I said in the post.

    "I do advocate signing c m Wang"

    I just want to temper peoples expectations. He's not a true "19 game winner" and potential #2 starter, but he can definitely give the mets some depth

  4. I guess the fact that I was agreeing with you was lost in my previous post. So, for the record, I agree with your points and all that...