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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fernando Tatis vs Ryan Garko

I really would love to hear The Mets Front Office on why they prefer Fernando Tatis over Ryan Garko.

Fernando Tatis is a below average defender, is 35 years old, and hits .293/.377/.439 versus lefties, with 4 HRs in 239 at bats over the past 2 years, which is 1 HR every 59.75 at bats (he was out of MLB for the 3-4 years before that).

Ryan Garko is 29 years old (peak of his career), is a slightly below average defender, and hits .311/.391/.491 versus lefties, with 15 HRs in 383 at bats over the past 3 years (1 HR per 25 at bats).

Yet again the Mets appear set on resigning another one of Omar's guys (for around 1.7 million), versus someone who can make the team better and most likely cost less.


  1. You hit it on the head. Tatis is an Omar guy. You will hear how he is a good clubhouse guy and all that. Garko would be a fine choice and seems like a better choice than Tatis (especially when considering age and stats). This is the same old Mets. They will say Tatis proved he can handle the platoon and all that. I am not for or against this move. It just reeks of the same old ...

    Mets need to battle...

  2. and by the way, anybody see the projecting for Daniel Murphy to hit 24 dongs? that would be great, but he is just a kid...here go the expectations again...

  3. The thing is, is that every roster spot is valuable and matters. No it's not going to make a difference of 5 wins between Garko and Tatis, but it could be a difference of 1 game, which as we know from the 2007 and 2008 season, could mean the difference between playing in October or not.

  4. Daniel Murphy can't hit 24 dongs in CitiField...Mets are lucky they hit 24 dongs as a team in that stadium.

    Strange thought....how about lets put a pitching staff on the mound that can keep the ball in the ball park so the guy standing in left field doesn't just look up and see the ball sailing over the fence....

  5. D Murphy will hit around 16 Hrs or so; nothing amazing, but serviceable if everyone else in the line up does their job.

    I haven't seen anyone projecting him for 24 HRs; who wrote that?

  6. D Murphy...sorry to say is WORTHLESS!!! He is not a 2nd baseman...TRADE HIM

    Interesting news: