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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

So what have I Missed in the past 36 hours?

Synopsis of what happened yesterday:

1) Willie Harris has made the team and will be the reserve outfielder with Scott Hairston in case Beltran is not ready/needs a day off.

My Take: Willie Harris had a great spring training (albeit in a small sample size), and did everything that was asked of him. I would rather have Nick Evans than Willie Harris long-term, but that drum has been beaten too many times.

2) The Mets have placed placed N Evans, P Misch and L Hernandez on waivers.

My Take: The Mets are hoping they can keep all three guys, as other teams are having a similar roster crunch. I would think someone would take Evans, but it's not a guarantee. I hope someone takes Luis Hernandez. P Misch has the option to declare himself a free agent if he passes through waivers instead of going to AAA, but I doubt he would do that as he knows that him and D Gee would be the first two guys to be called up in the likely case of a starting pitching injury.

3) The Mets are still trying to figure out the last spot in the bullpen, as it's between Acosta, Boyer (who's had a great spring), and Isringhausen.

My Take: The Mets are trying to maximize and keep all three guys, by asking Isringhausen to stay in Port St. Lucie for extended spring training to build up his arm strength. Boyer has an out in his contract if he's not on the roster by Thursday, but the Mets are trying to convince him to stay with them and go to AAA.

4) R Paulino has been shut down with blood irregularities.

My Take: Hopefully Paulino gets healthy first and foremost, and you can't speculate on what the problem is as the Mets haven't released it. What this does mean is that Mike Nickeas will be in the roster a lot more than just 8 games to start the season for Paulino.

Only 3 days until the Mets play real baseball!!


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  1. John Heyman has a "2011 season predictions" up at CNNSI.com. He has predicted many things, the last being that he feels Reyes will be traded mid-season, along with Beltran and K-Rod if they aren't contending. Interesting...

    my crystal ball is in the shop so I can't predict the future right now