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Monday, March 21, 2011

Perez Gone & Updated Thoughts on 25-man roster

The Mets have eaten the two worst contracts of the Minaya era in the past 4 days.
Just signed a minor league contract with the Phillies as Utley insurance

It looks like Byrdak is going to be the only lefty in the 'pen, since Tankersley was re-assigned to minor league camp last week. Byrdak is not a member of the team's 40-man roster, nor is Isringhausen, so they will presumably take the spots of Castillo and Perez.

Here is an updated look at the 25-man opening day roster in my opinion:

Position Players: 13
J Thole
M Nickeas
I Davis
B Emaus
D Murphy
J Reyes
C Hu
D Wright
J Bay
A Pagan
C Beltran (DL tho?)
S Hairston

Last spot: N Evans/W Harris/L Duda (only if they think Beltran will be out for a significant amount of time)

Pitchers: 12
M Pelfrey
J Niese
RA Dickey
C Young
C Capuano
F Rodriguez
DJ Carrasco
T Buccholz
B Parnell
J Isringhausen
T Byrdak
P Beato

Missing: P Misch, M Acosta

B Parnell has options so he could go to the minors if need be to prevent the Mets from losing Misch or Acosta to waivers.

My thoughts: I would keep N Evans for the final position player and allow W Harris to only make the team if/when Beltran starts the year on the DL. Willie Harris is in camp on a minor-league deal, and is at the end of his career. The Mets can't make a stupid short-sighted move and put Evans on waivers just so Willie Harris can provide "a good clubhouse." This will be another Alex Cora move all over again.

I also do not want to lose Acosta to waivers, so we need to find a way to keep him on the team. Although I love the Jason Isringhausen story, I'd rather have Acosta for the next few years then Isringhausen for this season (if he even makes it through healthy).

How do you want the last couple roster spots to end up?


  1. Perez is gone. The Mets just ate 18 million in contracts (minus the league minimum they don't have to pay if they sign...and Castillo did).

    Anyway, anybody see Utley being out, Castillo being in Philly, and going 3 for 4 against the Mets? I can see that (as much as I hate to say it).

    I like the moves. They had to go for a variety of reasons (although if I had to pick one, I would have kept Castillo, I never thought he was that bad).

    I would like the last spot to go to a young player. The Mets aren't a win now team (wild card contender, maybe). Let's get a young, hungry player in here, see what he can do, and live with it. I agree with chicken, don't need a veteran for a "good clubhouse". Let's try to build something and use the farm system Anderson keeps talking about.

  2. What about DMurph?

  3. Since Castillo is gone, DMurph has to step it up....but he is no Jackie Robinson