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Friday, March 18, 2011

Castillo Released- Mets Fans Everywhere Rejoice?

As everyone knows by now, one of the two least favorite Mets by the majority of Mets fans (not by this one, but nonetheless), was released today. Luis Castillo hopes he can get picked up by another major league team, and if he does the Mets will pay him the remaining $6 million dollars on his contract minus the league minimum. If he has doesn't play, the Mets pay him all the $6 million he's owed.  Castillo was considered a "sunk-cost", meaning if he played or didn't play, he was still going to get paid. As I said with my discussion this week with On The Black, there was no way Castillo fits into the 2012 Mets plans, so the Mets might as well figure out what they have with Brad Emaus and see if he is the solution.

Recap: It was a good decision for the Mets to realize Castillo wasn't going to be a part of the solution, and stopped giving him at bats this spring/during the season. I hope the Mets make a similar decision later this month and keep Nick Evans versus giving Willie Harris a roster spot/chance to cover for Beltran IF he goes on the DL (Beltran did receive a cortisone shot in his left knee today; his non-surgical knee).'

2 weeks until the Mets Opener, and 3 weeks til the home opener.

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