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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Scouting Report Tim Byrdak

Tim Byrdak - #40
37 years old
10th major league season (Did not appear in the majors from 01-04)
5'11" 190 pounds
Bats L/Throws L

Profile: Has turned into a lefty-specialist the past few years for the Astros, but they non-tendered him as they thought he would get too expensive in arbitration. So the Mets signed him to a minor-league deal this off-season, and he was added to the major league club on March 25th. He was originally drafted in in the 5th round of 1994 (!); he had made his major league debut back in 1998 with the  Royals, then was signed by the Orioles in 2005. Spent 2007 with the Tigers , then was with the Astros for the last 3 years.
Way to not utilize your front side at all.
Good: His best pitch is his slider, and he goes to it often, throwing it > 40% of the time (82 mph). He also throws an 88-89 mph fastball, and a below-average change-up (81 mph). He's found his niche as a lefty-specialist, holding lefties to a .205 BAA in 2010 (although he has had the lowest BAPIP of any pitcher over 60 innings the past two years...) 1.08 WHIP last year, with a 8+ K/9 rate, and a walk/9 rate (2.95). He was an extreme fly-ball pitcher in 2010 (28% GB %).

Bad: .264 BAA against for his career versus Right-handed hitters, with a 1.81 WHIP for his career against him. His walk rate spikes versus right-handed hitters, 6.67 W/9 in his career, which is Oliver Perez territory.
Role: The only lefty in the Mets bullpen, he will be used often, and hopefully only to face Left-handed hitters.

Projected Stats: 75 games, 55 innings, 3.75 ERA, 1.45 WHIP, 8K/9, 4.5 W/9.

Video: Here is some video from Spring Training to give you an idea of his delivery.

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