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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Non-breaking news: Beltran to RF!!

Just as everyone has said all off-season, the Mets will be a better team with Beltran in RF. Well, after limping around camp for a week, Carlos Beltran initiated a conversation with Terry Collins and said he would move to RF to allow Angel Pagan to play CF.

My take: The scary thing is that the healthiest a player usually is during the whole season is in spring training, and as the season wears on, their health declines. Then what does it say that Beltran is already hobbling around Spring Training, (I noticed it last week, and I can remember my wife saying "Why is Beltran limping?" and that was right after morning warm-ups). This is an important year for Beltran as he's trying to get one more contract, and Scott Boras (his agent) thinks he can be showcased better in RF than CF to prolong his career. But the key to this is staying healthy and being a productive hitter. A lot of his value in the past came from his Gold-Glove defense, and his excellent base-running skills. If those two skills are greatly diminished because of his knees, what is Beltran's ultimate value?
Can the knees withstand a full season?

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