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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Scouting Report Brad Emaus

Brad Emaus -#68

24 years old (25 March 28)
5th professional season (no major league experience)
6'0" 205 pounds
Bats R/Throws R

To review my thoughts when he was drafted in the Rule 5 draft in December, click here.
Profile: Drafted in the 11th round out of Tulane in 2007, he's a career .276/.364/.426 in 425 games. He is a favorite of J.P. Riccardi with their Toronto ties. He's rated the #21 Mets prospect by Baseball America, with other opinions varying from a Mark Loretta comparison, to a ceiling of bench player.

Good: He is making the league minimum. He has a good sense of the strike zone and is able to take a walk while minimizing strike outs (212 walks, 220 k's in his career). He hit 15 home runs last year in 125 games, but took advantage of a very hitter friendly environment in Las Vegas.
Bad: He isn't a natural 2nd baseman and while he will make the routine plays, he's limited in the balls he can get to. He is a below-average runner.
Role: Everyone knows the current Mets 2nd base situation, and I've been saying Emaus should be the starting 2nd baseman since the first week of workouts. Take it with a grain of salt, but the Mets web site has Daniel Murphy as the 2nd baseman, with Emaus backing him up. As a reminder, if Emaus doesn't stay with the Mets the whole year, he has to be offered back to the Blue Jays.

Swing mechanics:

As you can see here, he has a very short swing, which is why he makes solid contact and limits strike outs, but it may also limit him to the 15 HR ceiling most scouts have on him.

Here was some popular footage that I took during spring training practice just to compare Castillo's quickness to Emaus and Murphy.

Next scouting reports: Luis Hernandez, Daniel Murphy, Justin Turner to round out the weekend/2nd base discussion, although the discussion will most likely carry on for 2 more weeks.

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