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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wang signs with the Nats

It seems to be the place where players who wanted to pitch for the Mets but didn't get an offer go (Marquis I'm looking at you also).

So the Mets really are going into the season with a rotation of Johan, Big Pelf, Ollie P, J Maine and ______

Let's hope we are all wrong and we have enough pitching; but don't bet on it.

Again, Wang wasn't the complete answer for the Mets, especially since his return date is highly questionable, but it couldn't have hurt to sign him to a deal similar to Alex Cora, but let's stop beating a dead horse.

In other news, the Mets may be a front runner to a Cuban pitcher, Yuniesky Maya, who defected last year, and it's being described as a race between the Mets and Red Sox. Jorge Arangure of ESPN.com quotes a scout who watched Maya as saying he threw in the 88–92 mph range, while sporting a fastball, two-seamer, a slider, curveball and a changeup.

He is 27 years old, and is looking to go to a team where he can start right away.

That sounds like a good fit for the Mets, and maybe this is the ace up their sleeve...even though I do not believe he has officially been declared a free agent yet.

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  1. So how long before the bring back Nelson Figerora? (I am such a fan I can't even spell his name) Wait, they can bring Ron Darling out of the booth to be a starter. If this Cuban kid can pitch, I am all for it. They need arms. Main coming off an injury and unproven. I am ok with Pelf. Santana is Santana. Perez--who knows which voices will be talking to him as he talks back while pitching. Anthony, you mentioned Sandy Kofax was around--think he can get anybody out?

    The Mets are trying to sell me on a good year with the same team that already was short on pitching. Let's hope they are right and we are wrong because if we are right, well, you know the rest...