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Friday, February 26, 2010

Joe Beimel to the Mets?

Joe Beimel has been offered a contract from the Mets and he is considering it, according to his agent and the Denver Post (contract offer was first reported by Adam Rubin).

He is 33 years old, and was really bad last year with the Nationals, giving up too many home runs for a supposed ground ball/sinker ball pitcher (and then traded to the Rockies). Last year he threw 17% fewer sinkers (which produce those ground balls), replacing them with curves and change ups. He let up 10 hits per 9 innings last year and had a 1.47 WHIP.  He let up 5 HRs last year in 55 innings, when the prior 2 years he let up 1 HR combined (116 innings).

And lefties have hit .256 against him in his career, compared to lefty specialist Pedro Feliciano who's batting averaged against vs lefties is .216.

I know the fans are glamoring for another lefty out of the bullpen, and Beimel MIGHT be the right guy if he throws more sinkers again, but sometimes people are just fascinated with the idea you need 2 lefties out of the pen, when in reality that was the problem last year for the Mets. No one could get the opposite-side hitter out...If they (Parnell, Igarashi, Escobar) can accomplish that, then there is no need to get a 2nd lefty for the bullpen.


  1. Here we go with the lefty obsession again. Beimel is marginal at best. Do we need him? Like Anthony said, probably not. I know we need pitching, but we need something more stable and consistent. That hasn't changed.

    We have some people who can get people out--that's what a bullpen is all about.

  2. All I care about is Johan, any guy that has that arm and personality like him is #1 in my book. It's always fun to dream that he was a 6'5" threat on the mound. Liked your blog re: Green's submarine, video was good, would have been wicked as a lefty submarine.

  3. Back to your Marlins post below. It was just linked, albeit indirectly, on Deadspin.com, as Deadspin was pointing out a few posts on the Marlins' top blog Fishstripes.com, and one of which happened to come from here.