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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mike Jacobs close/done deal with Mets- Minor League deal?

From Buster Olney today:

The Mets signed Mike Jacobs, colleague Jerry Crasnick reported, and the most ardent Mets fan at ESPN, Mark Simon, sent me a note on this signing. Mark, the floor is yours: "Mike Jacobs is an ideal (sarcasm intended) fit for the Mets. He had the 2nd-lowest OPS in 2009 (.698) among players whose primary position was DH. No player with as many home runs as he hit last year (19) had a lower slugging percentage than Jacobs' .401. And over the past three seasons, Jacobs ranks last among first baseman in the defensive stat 'Runs Saved' (similar to UZR; measures many aspects of a defender's ability, via the company Baseball Info Solutions). This despite his starting only 13 games at first base in 2009 (which tells you how bad he was in 2007 and 2008). That should work out especially well, considering that over the past three years, their second baseman -- Luis Castillo -- ranks LAST in MLB in runs saved for second baseman."

My take:
Before every one kills Omar, this is a low risk, probably low reward move, but it can't hurt and won't break the bank. No, he isn't a good baseball player, but does have some pop IF he ever can cut down on his swings and misses and thus not strike out every 3 at bats. I'm not counting on that happening, but stranger things have happened.

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  1. No issue with Jacobs. He can provide the power Anthony speaks of and can be a role player. He could also be trade bait later on as I am sure there is somebody out there who might be intersted in a power hitting first baseman with MLB experience (despite his obvious flaws)