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Friday, February 5, 2010

Poll closed

88% of the readers think the Mets will end up between 82-87 wins, which shows an educated fan base.

The blog/baseball world has been quiet the last few days (outside of a pair of 2nd baseman signings and Bedard re-upping with Seattle).

I will begin a countdown to spring training previewing position by position as the Mets currently stand, give some projections for the players stats, and ask for your opinions of over/under on a category or two on each player.

Is anyone else keeping an eye on the Caribbean series and "F-Mart"? I saw him hang in nicely against a tough southpaw throwing curve after curve last night; I am still optimistic he can be a solid major league player in his future


  1. F-Mart is a kid. Too soon to tell what he is and how he is going to be. He has some nice tools and if he can refine his skills, he will be fine. But he has attributes that you like and that are a good start for a player who can he a solid career if given a chance and time...

    For me, he is a keeper. Let him get his time, and see where he goes.

    Another great analysis by the kid Marsala...he's a battler...

  2. Kid Marsala is NOT a BATTER.....he is a pitcher and a SHORTSTOP with a great glove.....