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Monday, February 8, 2010

Spring Training Is Almost Here

Equipment bus packs up tomorrow and leaves for Port St. Lucie at 11 AM. Hopefully it doesn't get derailed due to the impending snow storm. That would just be a fitting continuation of last season and this off-season...

I will be reporting live from Spring Training the 1st 2 days of pitchers and catchers workouts (Saturday February 20th and Sunday the 21st), and will be posting pictures and videos, to make all you guys from the northeast jealous.


  1. you may make us jealous, but just remember, you have to come back to NJ at some point so you will be right back with us here in the northeast...

    but good for you finding a way to battle...

  2. Do you have a real job?? or do you just live to follow the mets?

  3. I do surprisingly have a real job that pays the bills, but always have a floating vacation day reserved for the Mets World Series Parade. By the time they ever win it, I prob will be able to take 2 weeks off to celebrate it.

  4. If we click enough ads do we win tickets to a game? I'd prefer a game against the cross town rival.