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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pictures from Day 2

Hey Johan, it's good to see you too! (He was pointing/dancing with a 12 month old right next to us)

Pelf's is Big, and was having fun with J Maine today

Mejia waiting to run after his bullpen. Such a young kid, but he has an electric arm.

The two home-grown hitters (D Murph and D Wright).

And saving the best picture for last...

And here is a video (taken the wrong way and couldn't rotate it, sorry!)

Be sure to check out the post 'thoughts from day 2', as well as the other posts from Saturday. Enjoy!


  1. Way to come through with the pics Anthony! But where is the pic with you stretching Reyes' hamstring so he never gets hurt again? Keep having fun down there.

    Let's go Mets...

  2. The last picture was nice but Katie looks too YOUNG for him...LOL