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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Recap of the Marlins Camp- February 22nd

As I was driving down and across Florida to go to Marco Island for the day, I stopped in to check out the Marlins and Cardinals spring training camp in Jupiter. They both share the same facility, but it is a solid 15 minute walk between the 2 facilities, or a short trolley ride. We parked over in the Marlins side of camp and walked over to the Cardinals side.

When you first enter the Cardinals camp, you only have access to 2 fields, then have to walk around another field to get access to 4 other fields. There was very little security/people to ask where to go (I'm comparing this to the plentiful security guards at Tradition Field), and it was more just follow where everyone else was walking.

After taking a trolley back to the Marlins side, there is one entrance and it opens you up into 4 fields, with a walking path to another 2 or 3 fields all in close proximity. Pitchers were working on PFPs (pitchers fielding position), as well as bunting on 2 other fields. 

There was no BP going on, nor any bullpens being thrown, so not much to report on skill-wise.

The biggest contrast between the Mets & Cardinals vs Marlins camp is the lack of fans. There were probably 10 fans there for the Marlins. The players would walk on the same path as the fans, and make eye contact, practically begging you to recognize them.

Here is a couple pictures from the workout:


And my favorite picture of the day, courtesy of the Marlins player's parking lot (anyone know who's car is this?):


  1. 10 fans at camp? Wow. Can't say it's all that surprising, but sad nonetheless.
    Last year Twins camp had about 50 fans during Pitchers/Catchers.

    Nice blog site.

  2. Thanks for visiting the site Mike and glad to see you enjoyed it.

    I was surprised/disappointed in the lack of fans at the Marlins camp, but it did make it more fan friendly and heard numerous people saying they got Hanley Rameriz's and Josh Johnson's autograph the previous day

  3. It's probably why the Marlins do so well with such a small budget. They don't have to overpay for mediocre (or worse) players, because no one's really paying attention anyway.