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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Videos of Live BP from Wednesday

Bobby Parnell- 3rd base side

Johan and Oliver long tossing - 30 second clip

Sean Green from 3rd base side

Pat Misch- nice and smooth and effortless. 1st base view

Pat Misch- 3rd base view

RA Dickey throwing his knuckleball


  1. Last year at Twins camp, Dickey stood out as one of the nicer guys interacting with fans. Also worth noting he has one big beard for such a little dude.

  2. Dickey's throwing motion is a clone of the Mariners' Hobbs in Sega's Tommy Lasorda Baseball.

  3. R.A. Dickey is also the one who rode into camp on a bicycle on Saturday and supposedly gave the security guard a little bit of a hard time for not recognizing him...