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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Travel day/ misc thoughts

So yesterday was a travel day down to Florida, and the weather wasn't quite as nice as we were expecting. It is currently 46 degrees and windy. Not ideal baseball conditions, but still warmer than the tri-state area, barely.

K Escobar has shoulder discomfort; this is almost as shocking as Rich Harden having shoulder discomfort. Glad this was a guaranteed contract...

Mets are considering signing Rod Barajas, yet another catcher. Not much else I could say about that.

I probably won't head to mets camp til Saturday for the 1st official pitchers and catchers workout.

Happy Thursday

1 comment:

  1. Shoulder discomfort happens and normally, we, as fans, would be like "few days off, no issue". But this is the Mets. And we know how well they handle injuries or at least the PR for injuries. The first word from camp before it evne starts is somebody might be hurt.

    They need some "chicken" PT to fix them...