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Friday, February 25, 2011

Spring Training Day 4 Video Recap

As I said last night, here are some videos of Dickey, Niese, Isringhausen and C Young (including him deflecting a hot come-backer), as well as some more 2nd base double play turns. In a side note, I'm uploading the videos through youtube now, as when I tried to view the videos full screen, the quality was poor from the other day. I apologize, and this way should be a lot clearer.  I also wish there was a way to watch the video slower, as it really provides a lot better information on the pitching motion, but I'll try to figure that out by the time I start the scouting reports of the 40-man roster, which should start on Monday, February 28th, and end up on opening day. So be sure to check back daily for these reports. For an example of my scouting reports from last year, here is David Wright's. And if anyone has any suggestions, or something they would like to see added to the scouting report, let me know and I will try my best to accommodate it.  

We will start with the 2nd base double play turns, as this was a hot topic from Wednesday's videos. As I noted in the pictures yesterday, Daniel Murphy was trying to be quicker and come across the bag on the double play throw, which sometimes is great, but his timing was completely off yesterday, and he was across the bag early a number of times. In the 2nd video the ball hops up on Murphy and he stays with it, but it doesn't gain him any style points compared to the smooth Castillo and Emaus.

Jon Niese looks fine and comfortable with his mechanics this early in spring training. He is balanced and while I don't like that he hooks his wrist, compared to the rest of the Mets, his mechanics seem relatively 'clean.'

This was a funny video during Isringhausen's '2nd inning', and he threw an off-speed (can't tell at full speed if it's a change or his curve), into the ground and he was visibly pissed at himself.

This is one of many Dickey videos I took yesterday, where you can see the 'primal yell face' as he delivers the ball and a little bit of the knuckle-ball floating. Video of two Dickey knuckle-balls taken between home and 3rd base.

Chris Young from the 1st base bag, and a come-backer nearly takes his leg off. Yes, that's the 1st time I've ever used the term 'takes his leg off.' Normally it would be take his head off, but Chris Young is THAT tall.

I hope you guys enjoyed the past four days as much as I did. Thanks for all your comments and suggestions. And be sure to check back in regularly the rest of Spring Training for the scouting reports and other news and notes as deemed necessary. I will also be posting my thoughts on the 25-man roster (as it stands today in my opinion) this weekend.


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