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Monday, February 21, 2011

Spring Training Day 1 Videos

Meet and greet with Fred Wilpon. I said "I look forward to seeing you vindicated." As I've said earlier, Fred was very nice, talking, signing autographs and taking pictures with a lot of fans.

This was my favorite interaction of the day. If anyone else that needs help getting off of work for opening day, be sure to show this to your boss! Terry Collins, you are awesome and this made my day. And I can't wait for my boss to see this...

Look for a couple pitching videos (Chris Young, Jon Niese) later tonight.


  1. Things definately won't be determined in the first week and unfortunately, with most good teams, they don't have many things they can count on. The Mets don't have as many sure things as I would like to see. However, with the change over (going into this season and definately into next), this was to be expected. I just wish there was more stability--then again, that's me and just about every team outside of the Phillies who wish that...on the other hand, Wright, Beltran, Reyes, Davis, Bay sure does sound good...

    great job the kid chicken with the pics/videos. A great job as always. I look forward to more...

    Let's Go Mets (and Pat Egan on the Brewers...we support him too)

  2. Absolutely awesome work Anthony! I'm going to show that video to my boss. Love the updates, keep'em coming!