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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Picture Recap of Day 2 of Spring Training

The highlight of my day today was as previously posted, Ike Davis' mammoth home run off D.J. Carrasco. My initial guess was that it would've easily cleared the Shea Bridge. Yes, that mammoth of a shot.
I also got a chance to see a couple of young pitchers on the 40-man roster/the lefties trying to make the team.
 Taylor Tankersley, Michael O'Connor, Tim Byrdak. Tankersley was the most impressive from my vantage point, as he had some deception/hitch in his delivery (which you will see in the videos later tonight). I was very disappointed and talked to Tankersley asking why he shaved his mustache, but he didn't have much of an answer...

Here are the trio of lefties fighting to fill Feliciano's big shoes.
Tankersley shaved his infamous mustache!

All arm and no front side Byrdak. Ugly.

High effort Tankersley

Michael O'Connor. Not that impressive
So in the running for the LOOGY, my first impression is that it's between Ollie P. and Tankersley. Obviously there is a lot of baseball to be played and my 'impression' means nothing, but I know you are looking for some data.

Fernando Martinez had a great round of BP when I was watching him, driving the ball to all fields. I'm getting tired of typing "if healthy", but this guy really is very talented.

Once again, the defensive drills at 2nd base were at below game speed and I can't make any definitive statements re: who is in the lead/if Emaus or Murphy are capable of manning 2nd base. Here are a couple pictures of the 3-headed race.

I got my first look at Pedro Beato, Manual Alvarez, and Josh Stinson. Beato I just saw from a far working on mechanics, but his arm action was free and easy, although he hooks his wrist out of the glove which I didn't love. M Alvarez (on 40 man roster and has great minor league stats) looked good to me, although I don't know if he has enough velocity to make a big impact in the majors (reports say he sits at 91-92). J Stinson is a potential reliever with a fastball and slider.
Beato in the front. Nice pitcher's body

Great external rotation by Alvarez

I will post some more pictures tonight with some close-up player shots and other observations, as well as video.

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  1. Great work chicken...anybody who can't make the big club can come help us at the 'yack...

    I would keep both lefties in Perez and Tankersley. I mean let's be honest, unless Perez can be traded, they aren't going to sit him out with all that money and Tankersley has been a descent pro in the past. And if it isn't going to be those 2, I would still like 2 lefties who can work out of the pen. I have never seen a situation where lefties hurt. But above all else, give me people who can get people out. God knows we are going to need it with average starting pitching at best.