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Monday, February 21, 2011

Some quick Snapshots of Day 1 in Spring Training

Luis was late onto the field after going into the Clubhouse to hear about his brother's surgery

Is this how the 2nd base race will play out? Murph, Emaus and Luis a distant 3rd?

Chris Young TOWERS over Big Pelf

Little different in stride lengths Dickey vs Pelf.

CY straight over the top, but drop and drive.

My elbow hurts looking at this Izzy. No front side at all. Not good

Patiently waiting...

How'd I do coach?

Your landing foot is closing off your hips and your arm is late.

We like Ike

That's how you use your front side Izzy

Smile Izzy

Knuckle Curve!

Circle Change


Big Pelf

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