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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 3 Picture highlights

The morning started off very slowly, with only two fields running at the same time, and they were both working on run-downs/1st and 3rd situations, with the coaches acting as the base-runners. I ventured to the backfield off the beaten path to watch the pitchers covering home plate receiving a simulated throw from the catcher. It was interesting that the coach questioned R.A. Dickey at one point asking what they had been taught to do last year.

After that session, infield and outfield practice began, while the pitchers were warming up in the bullpens to throw live BP. I spent the time concentrating on the 2nd baseman, and was able to learn a lot more today than the previous days, as they spent a lot of time working on the double play pivots. Luis Castillo obviously still has great, quick hands, and can turn a double play as quick as anyone in the game in my opinion. I was pleasantly surprised with Emaus and his ability to turn two. Murphy was the slowest of the bunch, but wasn't a complete disaster.
After the defensive workout, then the real fun of the day began. First up was P Beato. The whole organization and beat writers came out to watch this young man who has a great pitcher's body and the ball explodes out of his hand. For those who aren't aware, he was a rule 5 pick from the Orioles; so the Mets need to keep him on the 40 man roster all year, or offer him back to the Orioles. Everyone in the organization is eager to see if he is polished enough to stay on the roster all year. Kevin B. of SNY obviously was very impressed with Beato, and said he has the best fastball on the Mets.

I was impressed with how free and easy his arm action is, and the ball does seem to explode out of his hand. BUT, the pitcher who followed him on the mound was J Mejia, and as I teased this morning, he was ELECTRIC. I was excited and loved that I saw from him. I'm not saying he's ready for the big leagues yet, as obviously he needs to show he has the endurance to be a starting pitcher, as well as the command of his secondary pitches. But, when he came off the mound, he had a smile like a little kid, and he was greeted by the batters he just faced (D Murph, Reyes, D Wright) and they all gave him a pat on the back. I was able to capture D Wright talking to Mejia in the dugout, and I would love to have heard that conversation. Mejia absolutely froze D Wright with an off-speed pitch earlier.

I'm still not thrilled with Mejia's arm action (too much hyperabduction), and a poor front side load, but there is no denying his ability. I just hope he can stay healthy and be durable enough to be an impact starting pitcher.

I also was able to watch Taylor Buchholz throw today, and came away impressed by him as well. He has a live arm, and a nice arm action. I know a lot of people are questioning the Mets bullpen, but after seeing the arms of these guys in camp, the bullpen isn't my primary concern. Not to say that they will be perfect, due to the fact that they most likely will be responsible to throw 25 innings or so each week (yes, I'm not anticipating receiving 6 innings a night from the starting pitchers).

Manny Acosta, D Gee, P Misch and J Lujan also threw. There were no surprises with Acosta, Gee or Misch. I had never seen Lujan throw, nor knew much about him. He's a non-roster invite who was a picked up by the Mets after the 2009 season from the White Sox. He was originally drafted by the Rangers in the 14th round in 2004. He had > 10K/9 split between AA and AAA last year.

Any comments from the loyal readers with what I would say re: his mechanics based on those two pictures?

I will be posting the videos later tonight, and also my favorite pictures today, including a great shot of J Reyes, Pagan and T Collins.

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  1. Keep it coming! Nice shots and breakdown! Id say a lack of external rotation over compensated by trunk rotation and shoulder abduction. Im afraid it will lead to a quick burnout.