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Thursday, February 24, 2011

For Those of Us Who Love the 86 Mets

Here are a couple snapshots of the '86 Mets, who are every where around camp.

Wally has been quiet in camp thus far.  
Bobby O. has the best job of all these guys.
Tuefel is often with Backman and the 2nd group of infielders (Turner Valdespin, Tejada, Lutz, Evans).

Darling arrived yesterday, and for those of you who are Jets fans, notice his key chain off his right hip...

I didn't snap a picture of Mookie Wilson and his #53 yet, but he is here working with the base-runners getting good secondary leads and with the outfielders.

1 comment:

  1. '86 Mets special starting tuesday on MSG...4 part series I believe..should be a good watch...

    almost as good as these pictures, but not as good as the technical breakdown of shoulder abduction and trunk rotation leading to burnout...

    only at this blog can you receive insight like that...that's why this blog is the best...