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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2nd Day Recap Continued

D.J. Carrasco threw the ball well, and surprised D Wright when he threw side-arm. I liked his arm action and his pace. Although I disliked the 2-year deal he was given this off-season, he does seem versatile at least from what I saw today.

R Igarashi threw and had very little following compared to last year and the media circus he had. He didn't seem to be throwing very hard, but at the same time, it's early in camp and don't read too much into it.

I also saw B Boyer throw, and I don't see him having much of a chance making the big club (he's a non-roster invitee right now).

The rest of the pictures were just some fun shots that I captured today. Enjoy!

Manager and GM discussing potential Bullpen Options

Right before this picture Pagan was shadow boxing Reyes.

The Key to the Mets offense...

K-Rod has been very quiet and no one has heckled him as far as I've heard.

D Wright making a routine play without throwing across the diamond.

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