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Monday, June 27, 2011

State of the Mets, June 27th

After winning the series in Texas, the Mets are now back to .500 (39-39), and in 4th place, 9.5 games out of 1st place. As far as the Wild Card, 6 teams separate the Mets from the Wild-Card leading Braves, where the Mets are 4.5 games back.
  • Can you believe the baseball season is almost at the halfway mark? I feel like I was down in Florida at Spring Training just a month ago.
  • K-Rod got credit for another game finished yesterday, despite it being an 8-3 game when he came in. That is his 29th game finished, and is on pace for 60 games, 5 more than he needs to vest his 17.5 million dollar contract for next year. 
    • He better be traded/re-structure his contract, or Terry Collins should be forced to pay that salary to K-Rod next year. There's no excuse K-Rod needed to be used yesterday in an 8-3 game.
  • Niese and Capuano both left their last starts with medical concerns, but hopefully are an issue
  • Also on the injury front, D Wright should be back to the Mets in 3-4 weeks. Ike Davis will be re-evaluated at that point and see if he's making progress, or if he may need to have surgery.
    • I haven't commented on Ike's injury that much, because it's tough to make a blanket statement when you/I don't have the full medical report. People pick and chose what they hear/whats disclosed, and rush to judgments. The Mets made the right decision putting him in the boot when they did with the information they had at the time. 
  • Mets play a 3-game set in Detroit, then return home for the Subway Series.
    • I will be going to the Friday night game with a loyal reader of the blog. If anyone else is going, e-mail me and we will try to get together.


  1. nice to see the Mets at .500. Detroit is a hard place to play, but so is Texas and they did just fine. They better make their way in the first 2 games becuase I belive Verlander goes the final game of the series and he is lights out this year. Obviously anything can happen, but the percentages say Verlander is hard to beat.

    Win another series on the road, come home for the Yanks--that will be interesting.

    I still don't see the Mets as a legitimate playoff contender. But they are fun to watch.

  2. Sorry I haven't commented in a while...The Mets are playing good team baseball....they have no power and may have realized they can't hit homeruns at CITI...or any other ballpark for that matter...speed and good baseball is the key