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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What has happened in the past few days?

The real world has gotten in the way of posting the past few days, my apologies.

To get you up to speed, the Mets got swept and lost game 1 of the series last night to the Marlins. They are now 3 games under .500 at 74-77, and the season can't end soon enough.

In other news, Joel Sherman of the New York Post came out and ripped Jeff Wilpon saying the job isn't that appealing because Jeff is

not short-tempered. Tone deaf. A credit seeker. An accountability deflector. A micro-manager. A second-guesser. A less-than-deep thinker. And bad at self-awareness. Fine, he’s none of these things. But here is the problem: This is his perception in the industry as the Mets try yet again to fix their baseball operations department.


In other news, Joe Torre one day says he'd listen if the Mets were to call him for the soon-to-be vacant job opening at manager, then the next day, retracts and said he won't. I am not a fan of Torre and would rather have Wally or Bobby V at the helm next year (with a new GM above as well).

Bobby Parnell has been shut down for the season with an injured elbow, and there are whispers Johan is not going to be able to pitch more than 100 innings next year. Maybe the poster who was referring to R.A. Dickey as "ace" was very forward thinking and may be right...The reason for the pessimism or Santana currently is the fact the surgery could not be done arthroscopic, and had to be an open procedure, which causes a lot more muscle damage and scar tissue.

That's all that I think I missed, if there is something else, feel free to post and I'll write a brief comment on it.

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  1. Santana ending 3 straight years with surgery is certainly a concern. I will trust medical science and say he is ok (even if the Met history of players/doctors/time injured isn't the best).

    And if good old R.A. is the ace, then fine. I will take that...provided the Mets tear down the whole thing and do what Tampa did--get a boat load of young prospects and let them grow. I would take 2 or 3 years of crap baseball if I knew they were building it the right way. At this point, it might be the only way to fix the feel of the Mets, internally and externally.

    Now we know that will never happen...but I can definately make a case for it.