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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Meaningless Game 133: Mets @ Braves

Here is the line-up that will face Tommy Hanson, who has lost 5 straight decisions:

L Castillo 2B
J Thole C
D Wright 3B
C Carter RF
C Beltran CF
I Davis 1B
L Duda LF (major league debut)
R Tejada SS
M Pelfrey P

My Prediction: If you want to watch this game it's because 1) You want to watch T Hanson, another pitcher who will beat the Mets for another 6-8 years, and 2) You are interested in Duda's major league debut. I will have more Duda info/scouting report tonight or tomorrow


  1. you forgot another reason to watch the Mets--TV has nothing good on anymore. Although, the Mets aren't good either...

    And on Frenchy...yeah, great clubhouse guy, wants to win, etc. I love those things. HOWEVER, hitting .212 doesn't cut it. I love his arm from right field, but seriously, how many times a YEAR does that arm really help? The Mets need people who perform. I liked Francouer and always thought he was unfairly criticized at times. I didn't want him to be gone, but I can't argue with the fact that he is. A comment was made about a "presence" in the lineup...again, hitting .212 hasn't "scared" many people lately...he was an out 80% of the time.

    And watch Francouer in Texas be a spot starter and late inning replacement. Francouer would be great on a team like the Yankees--go in late in the game, and throw somebody out in a big situation. He fits great on a team with depth and quality players.

  2. I'm glad you've come around to realizing Frenchy was not a good major league player.