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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mets come from behind and Win.

The Mets were down 5 runs and came back to win 8-7. R Valdes got the win, and Takahashi with another save. But again the big story is the young J Mejia got hurt and underwent an MRI tonight on his injured shoulder. Any time a 20 year old pitching prospect has 2 MRIs in the matter of 4 months it's not good.

Hope he won't be standing on the outside next year at Spring Training
For those counting at home, the Mets are now at .500.


  1. For the record, it was a game like this that we could have used Frenchy for. We would have gotten the W by more than just 1.

  2. Also, has anyone noticed that besides this pirates series that the Mets have played very sloppy baseball since getting rid of Alex Cora?? Everyone said his leadership skills were overrated, but maybe there is something to be said about how his unique leadership qualities/skills helped focus the team more when he was here.

  3. Alex Cora is somehow related to the sloppy defense? Oh boy. Speaking as somebody who has been around baseball locker rooms and around baseball teams for quite some time, I can tell you that all the leadership in the world is great, but it comes down to performance. End of story. Their defense is sloppy because they aren't good enough or aren't concentrating enough. That's it. It isn't leadership. Are you trying to sell that if Alex Cora was being a good leader in pre-game that all of a sudden the plays would be made in the game? How well did that go before he was released? I am pretty sure the Mets still struggled when he was around.

    Again I go to the 86 Mets. They had a bunch of mad men who showed up everyday, played to win, and accepted nothing less. Their "leaders" trashed planes, set coaches feet on fire, and allegedly were with women during the game...

    PERFORM...WIN...any team that does that all of a sudden has "great leadership"...it's about winning...always has been, always will be

    What's next, a good club house guy like Gary Matthews Jr would have been nice to keep too? Or maybe if Tatis wasn't always hurt that would have helped?