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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Scouting Report Greg Reynolds

Greg Reynolds
25 years old
2nd major league season (6th professional season)
6'7" 225 pounds
Bats R/Throws R

The 2nd pick in the 2006 draft (ahead of Evan Longoria), was seen as a safe pick as a college pitcher, with a low-risk, low-reward, and he was expected to quickly join the middle/back-end of the rotation. Well that hasn't worked out as planned, as he's had 2 shoulder surgeries and an elbow surgery in the past 4 years. Even when he was healthy in 2008, he was 2-8 (14 games, 13 starts), had a 8+ ERA, and 1.76 WHIP. Reynolds had the complete inability to miss bats (3.13 K/9, and 3.77 BB/9). They had hopes for him to be a Chien-Ming Wang or Brandon Webb, and those may be decent comps, as neither of them can get healthy enough to throw a baseball.

He relies on his fastball and cutter (88 mph and 85 mph) heavily, and he threw them 73% of the time in his 1st start of 2011. He also mixes in a curve (74 mph) and a change-up (83 mph). He is supposed to be a ground-ball pitcher, but the numbers haven't been great during his major league career (45%).

He started twice against the Mets in 2008, throwing 13 innings and allowing 7 runs (3 HR), on 10 hits, 4 walks and striking out 7. I ignore those starts/stats since it was 4 years ago, but just in case you guys wanted the prior history.

Reynolds started versus the Pirates and went 6 innings, allowed 2 runs (1 HR) on 3 hits, 2 walks, and struck out 2. He threw 88 pitches in this game, and had only 3 swings and misses.

He is giving the Rockies a spot start for the injured U Jimenez, and the Mets should be able to score a bunch of runs against him.

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