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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Breaking News!! Chris Young Is Hurt!!!

I know, I know, you are stunned. I mean after all, he's made it through 2 starts healthy, maybe he was turning over a new leaf. But no.

He was supposed to start Friday night's game, but that has been pushed back to Sunday and it's reported he's dealing with bicep tendonitis. Maybe this is just the Mets being extra cautious, but I'm very skeptical considering his much storied injury history, and the fact that bicep tendonitis is usually a cascade injury, this doesn't bode well.


  1. Anyone else thinking we should have kept Ollie? Now I'm starting to think we should give Pedro a shot. Plus he was a good locker room guy when he was here. We can always use some more of that.

  2. To bad delgado retired, he was good in the clubhouse also