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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Home Opener Pictures

Although the game result wasn't what we had wanted, I still had a great time at the home opener, and loved being back at a live baseball game. 

Here are a couple pictures from yesterday's home opener. Enjoy!

View From the Left Field Landing, Sec 336

Chris Young is still very tall (Niese and K-Rod on either side)

God Bless America. This is one of my favorite parts of Opening Day.

2011 Home Opener Line-ups

Ralph Kiner had trouble walking, but got a great ovation throwing to Mookie

Beginning of the game the TV's in the sections weren't working, and even when they were, it wasn't a live feed (in the left field landing you can't see anything near the fence. So on a fly ball you have to wait for the crowd's reaction then watch it on the tv 3 seconds later)

Zimmermann to W Harris
Got to love Carrasco's Stirrups. This is for you Michael Baron
Duda looking at a strike on the outside corner.
Another strike looking; Mets did that well yesterday
Zimmermann has an electric arm, but still the same mechanics that may have lead him to Tommy John surgery in the first place

Funny to see the arm action from this angle
Did he tear his nail on this pitch?

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