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Friday, December 3, 2010

Mets non-tender Maine, Green, and Carter

Maine wasn't a big surprise, it was written every where for the past 5 months. S Green wasn't good last year, so it's no big loss. I hope the Mets do re-sign C Carter as I think he can be a valuable bench piece/pinch hitter if allowed the opportunity. This was more of a money decision and trying to save $100,000 (his contract would've been $200,000 even if he spent the year in AAA this year). For a team that has given away so many bad contracts, it's interesting they make that move for "pennies", but I will continue to trust the new regime.  I wonder if the new regime is going to try to sign K Escobar to a guaranteed contract for 2 million again...

Other free agent pitchers that are on the Mets radar are two previous "winners"; soft-tossing lefty Jeff Francis who is recovering from shoulder injuries and tall Chris Young who also is struggling recovering from injuries. Neither of whom can throw the ball hard enough to break a pane of glass, but I wouldn't mind bringing in as a low-risk signing with no guaranteed money if possible (but I doubt that's possible).

Also for those Mets fans clamoring for Lastings Milledge to come back to NY, he was non-tendered by the Pirates last night. Don't spend too much time thinking about that reunion though...

Let's Go Mets!


  1. Maybe the Mets can get Jaime Moyer...he just opted for Tommy John and plans on trying to make a big league club in 2012 at the age of 48. He can't break a pane of glass either, but somehow, he wins 12 games a year. Moyer, Francis, Young--go with the slow, slow, and slower approach.

  2. My vote is to bring back Benitez and Anthony Young...

  3. I guess the sarcasm of my post was lost on the internet translation...I just figured 4 guys in the 80's with a knuckle ball guy would be how to do it..the Mets can start a new trend..bore them to death at the plate with softball like pitching